It’s all about the experience

I am an experienced Design Director focused on creating strategic, engaging digital design experiences. My approach is to have the right conversations with the right users to create accessible, goal achieving, usable and compelling digital products. I take my clients on the full journey from beginning to end. The results can then speak for themselves.

As we all should know… design is much more than colours, fonts, and styles… it’s also very much about how it enhances the function of the product. It’s also the considered approach to things like conceptual visual cues and micro-interactions and how they are integrated. These things when done well can take your products to the next level.

Form and function go hand in hand

A product has to be needed, and it also has to work. A great, accessible user experience and purposeful UI will make the it a product of choice. The experience a user has with the UI design of a digital product will often be the first impression a brand or organisation makes on their market of users, and like they say, you only get one chance at that first impression!

I have had the advantage of working with clients across a wide variety of industries… from automotive to music, and since moving to New Zealand, government clients including the military. My background in digital advertising and branding has helped my hone my intuition when working with my clients, so that I can then back up those “hunches” with evidence as we create the product strategy and gather requirements.

Give the client something new

One of the things I love about the digital world is that it’s always in motion, always changing. It’s exciting to know there will always be new challenges and new technologies to learn, and be able to offer them to my clients.

User experience services

Client consultation
User research
Vision workshops
Requirements & goal mapping
User journeys & personas
User testing

UX/UI & visual design services

Site/app architecture
Lo-fi & hi-fi wireframing
Prototype testing
Visual design
E-commerce design

Build services

Wordpress setup and build

Designs for CMS Suites including:

Other services include:

Digital & print advertising
Branding across all media
Print Design
Digital Strategy
Team Building Activities