Help the user achieve their goals

I am an experienced Design Director currently focussing on UX / UI design. I utilise a purposeful, user-centric design approach, to create accessible, goal achieving, usable and compelling websites, web based products/apps, mobile apps and intranets.

As we all should know… design is not just about making a product look amazing, it’s also very much about how a product works, and how things like visual cues and micro-interactions work to assist and engage the user.

Form and function go hand in hand

A product has to work. A great, accessible user experience and purposeful UI will make the it a product of choice. The UX and UI design of a web product will often be the first impression a brand or organisation gets to make on their market of users, and like they say, you only get one chance at that!

I have a few advantages when it comes to how I approach each project. I started out at a traditional advertising agency doing branding and print advertising… and then moved into interactive advertising and marketing. This previous experience makes for very accurate intuition when workshopping with each client to determine what’s needed.

It’s really just all about the user experience

One of the things I love about this industry is that it’s always in motion, always changing. There’s a great satisfaction in knowing I’ve been part of creating solutions that are beautiful, effective, intuitive and that reached a client’s goals.

Discovery & user research services

User and stakeholder interviews
Vision workshops
Requirements mapping
User journeys & personas
User testing

UX/UI & visual design services

Site/app architecture
Lo-fi & hi-fi wireframing
Rapid Iterative Development
Prototype testing
Visual design
E-commerce design

Build services

Wordpress setup and build

Designs for CMS Suites including:

Other services include:

Digital & print advertising
Branding across all media
Print Design
Digital Strategy
Team Building Activities