Help the user achieve their goals

Before any app, site or product design starts, you need to know what the user needs to achieve. The learnings from the user research, interviews, workshops define the requirements and goals for the end product. It’s really all about helping the user do the thing (or things) they need to do. Give them what they need, and a clear path to find it.

Form and function go hand in hand

A product that looks great but doesn’t work is more frustrating for the user than a product that has an awful UI, but once past that gets the job done. First, the product has to work, but then, adding a good user experience and purposeful UI to the mix is something that will make the user choose one product over the rest. A great visual design with an engaging user interface adds that perceptive element for the brand. Using the right visual cues allow the user to achieve their goals more quickly. This leaves more time for tacos.

It’s really just all about the user experience

Keep evolving and testing the product after it’s launched. You’ll see how it’s being used, what is working and what isn’t and how a user’s needs may be changing. Stay ahead of the game and your users will thank you. They may even buy you a taco.”

Discovery & user research services

User and stakeholder interviews
Vision workshops
Requirements mapping
User journeys & personas
User testing

UX/UI & visual design services

Site/app architecture
Lo-fi & hi-fi wireframing
Rapid Iterative Development
Prototype testing
Visual design
E-commerce design

Build services

Wordpress setup and build

Designs for CMS Suites including:

Other services include:

Digital & print advertising
Branding across all media
Print Design
Digital Strategy
Team Building  Activities
Tacos & guac