DATE: 2016

ROLES: IA, Design, Animation

Te Papa's new innovation hub

The microsite we developed for Te Papa was designed to inform and inspire teams who wanted to turn their great ideas into amazing realities. This was a new program created by Te Papa, who would house it in one of their fantastic museum spaces. The groups could then be inspired by each other in an atmosphere designed to breed success.

Te Papa had created categories and purposes for the projects entered to give the teams some focus. All information on the site is displayed in a strong visual manner in order to excite and inspire potential teams to want to become involved.

A strong, visual presentation of information

Image and video galleries alongside news and media events give further visibility to the program.

The program has been running for a couple of years now, and includes stories and learning from previous participating teams. This additional content and the sharing of it to inspire others keeps the excitement growing.

Built to Grow

The program needed a site that could expand as the program grows. This allows for the continued addition of past participants stories and inspirational content.

Strong Visual Style

Designed to provoke a response from potential teams to participate in this exciting program. A strong visual style inspires them as it leads them through the content.

Building on the Te Papa Brand

The Mahuki branding had the advantage of being built on top of the already strong Te Papa brand. This is prominently displayed throughout the site.

Engaging content

Using video to tell the story of the program is much more effective and engaging than reading about it in text. As the program progresses, more videos will be added.

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