PROJECT: Clothing line design & ecommerce website

ROLE: Clothing design, site design and build

It's a Kraken site! is a personal project of mine that launched just a few months ago. I decided that the world needed a new streetwear collection targeted at urban swashbucklers. I mean, why not? I’ve designed the line of clothing, utilising a POD service for printing and shipping. I wanted to create designs that instigated “fun”, and would make people smile, and have the site imagery reflect that feeling. Using a black and white base, all the energy and colour comes from the photography of the clothing and the stylised imagery in the header graphics so that those remain the focus.

Wordpress + WooCommerce makes my life easier

The site is built in WordPress and running WooCommerce. This makes it quite easy for me to design and edit the pages myself. The site will be a continuing work in progress as I add more features and keep making it better. It also has a new line of items coming soon that will be must haves for the year ahead. If you’re keen, sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out!

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