DATE: 2016

ROLE: Discovery, IA, Design, WordPress Front-end build

Highlighting their strengths

Queen Margaret College has a strong history of educating some very influential women since the early 1900s. Their previous website had tried to reflect that proud history, but in the process, had become quite dated itself.

The world and technology are constantly evolving and changing, so it was time that that was also reflected on the site. We also felt it was important to better present the incredible stories the previous graduates had to tell.

More visuals, better tools and easy to update

The site was moved to a WordPress platform to allow for easier management within the organisation. We then designed and built templates that were much more visual, breaking up the text into much more digestible chunks. The school already had some fantastic imagery and video, so we used as much of it as possible to create the necessary impact.

Because the site is quite image heavy, the necessary compression tools were implemented, such as Smush. The new site can now be used on mobile devices, and allows for quick editing by the marketing and communications team. It also contains an enhanced form builder to meet their many event needs and to keep the communication flowing between them and the parents.

Visual Impact

A strong school program for a passionate student body needed a website that could reflect it’s key attributes.

Easy to use

Simplification of structure and templates that balance images with text make it much easier for users to find what they need.

Engaging Content

Videos and an enhanced form builder allows for more engagement and better communication between them and their audience.

Finally Mobile Friendly!

QMC students come from both NZ and overseas. Recruiters can now use the website as a tool when they are on the move.

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