DATE: 2018

ROLE: Design & WordPress build

Updated and overhauled

Pikselin has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. It gets larger, smaller, and then larger again. It’s an agency that can offer end to end solutions across a variety of mediums, and has developed a strong body of work across the NZ Government and Military sector.

The first goal of the website redesign was to showcase the recent work, tell a bit of the story for each project and to highlight the success factors for each. The second goal of the website was to just bring it current. Client work always comes first, so the agency website definitely suffers.

Work that speaks for itself

When creating the site, emphasis was put on the mobile first approach. The work is front and center as it should be. Each item shown talks a bit about the thinking behind the decisions made, and the outcome they had.

In the client work, wherever possible, I wanted to show the client’s original site and starting point to give a bit of context, and to show how far they had come.

The rest of the site was given a cleaner visual treatment, and a clearer explanation of the end to end process Pikselin offers. It also hopefully shows a bit more of what working with Pikselin might be like.

Showcasing the Work

Pikselin has some great recent success stories. These needed to be put front and center

What They Do

Pikselin can supply an end to end service across a variety of mediums. Potential clients needed to have this made clearer.

It’s Finally Current!

An agency’s website is always the last thing to get attention. This is now no longer the case.

More Attractive to New Recruits

Potential candidates and recruiters can nowuse the website as a tool to see what Pikselin can offer.

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