DATE: 2005


ROLES: Concept, Storyboards, Art Direction

The Feline Attraction

The Jaguar brand had a stereotype in the US of being the perfect vehicle for the wealthy geriatric. This was not exactly a desirable reputation, especially for the X-TYPE. The X-TYPE is the entry-level Jaguar competing against the BMW 3-Series. Our challenge was to change that perception.

Based on the idea that the Jaguar has an almost aphrodisiac type of effect on it’s owner (in a sleek elegant way of course), I came up with the idea that when one is near a Jaguar, inhibitions are tossed aside, and a more primal nature takes over.

Film + Animation = Awesomeness

A series of short web films were created to demonstrate how coming into contact with the X-TYPE Jaguar caused a person to “relieve” it from it’s previous owner. In an attempt to attract a younger audience, we used the technique of Film combined with Animation. We hired Peter Chung of Animatrix fame to animate the part of each story where the person comes in contact with the Jaguar. This had the added advantage of being able to do things in animation that the X-Type could never do in the real world. The result: An award winning series of online episodes that were shown in dealerships across the nation, increasing leads and driving a younger market to the JaguarUSA website.

The Primal Desire

Refocusing the audience on the fact that the Jaguar is more than just a vehicle or a status symbol and showing them the effect it can have.

Not just for a Mid-life Crisis

This campaign was targeted at a much younger market in order to compete with the BMW 3 Series by using the newly introduced short Web Film medium.

Film + Animation

The Animatrix had been hugely popular. Hiring one of their key animators to bring the series to life was a perfect fit.

Adage Award

The web film series was shown online, and in dealerships around the country. It received an AdvertisinAge award for best web short film series that year.

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