ROLE: UX Research, UI Design, Prototype Build

iVoya is the app I've always wanted as a frequent solo traveller.

iVoya combines AI and Voice recogmition / activation that will allow it to be a travel companion and bodyguard all in one. It will provide assistance to get you out of those normal jams as well as giving you some serious protection when you need it.

Planned Features:

  • Baseline preference setup for all things travel related, such as dietary preferences, lodging preferences, what the user likes to do and see.
  • A calendar to allow manual recording of planned activities, or the AI assistant can be asked to help. This calendar can also be synced with someone back home for safety, with an added privacy option if needed.
  • The AI will suggest things based on what it learns you like.

The safety features that will give peace of mind

  • If there are events or unsafe situations nearby, you will receive a notification. The AI will have access to the internet, so it can notify you of important happenings. You can also instruct it to watch out for specific things.
  • Voice activated safety alarm. This is in the case of an emergency for hands-free operation. Alarm is activated by a secret phrase using voice recognition. The mode can be audible, or silent. The silent option will also have the ability to start recording. Both options will have the ability to contact local authorities. To cancel, use the passphrase set up, or, you can enter a 4 digit pin.

Help finding last minute lodging, and even help with that lost passport

All kinds of things can go wrong in this age of digital booking, and when you are in an unfamiliar place, this can be a bit of a challenge. The AI will locate available lodging options based on your preferences, and make recommendations along with providing a way to contact the lodging directly with a phone call. 

It also securely stores a digital copy of your passport and travel documents. If possible, I’d like to have the documents be verified using biometrics so that when you instruct the AI to send the documents to the local embassy or Internal Affairs, they can confirm you are the owner of the passport and expedite a replacement.

When the time comes, I plan to build the MVP in Flutter, and then bring on some development support. Check back later as more screens will continue to be added as I work through each section.

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