Cherylistic | About Me
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I’ve been leading creative teams for 15+ years now, crafting digital marketing and branding programs across a variety of mediums. I specialize in mobile design, interactive design and UX design, including SEO/SEM, social media application and digital strategy. Online recognition includes awards for, and Jaguar USA’s XingOver Film Series.


I also make awesome brownies.


Creative Direction

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best creative teams in the business.  Teams that work hard, play hard and produce some pretty great stuff.

Art Direction

Art Direction over interactive visual design, online marketing, print advertising, photoshoots and film projects.

UX Design

User Experience is key as the web evolves. I try to create site structures that are user-centric. Because really, it is all about them.

Interactive Brand Design

I come from a traditional advertising and branding background. One of the challenges I enjoy most is creating and translating a brand across interactive mediums.

Mobile Device Design

Mobile device design is key these days. I design/direct the design for apps on both IOS and Android devices. I’m also fortunate enough to have an incredible team of developers.

HTML / CSS / WordPress

I design and build sites on the WordPress platform for many of my smaller clients. WordPress allows for almost complete visual and structural flexibility for those that could not afford to build something bespoke from scratch.

Send me a message if you would like to know more. See my CV for more details.